Episode 21: The Reboot

In this reboot episode of The Satisfactionist Podcast we welcome back some favorite friends from the shows past with David Valentine, Shah Qhan, and Issa Diao. Our panel of media experts talk about the upcoming Top Gun continuation, Issa remarks on a deep pull from the 80’s Top Gun era with his recollection of the TV series Super Carrier and the entire panel debate the production stylings and choices of Jordan Peele in contrast to his remarkable film Get Out as well as his reboot of The Twilight Zone.

It has been some time since I last released an episode of The Satisfactionist Podcast. While I hate that I took a much longer than expected break from the microphone, this was in large part due to the many changes that were happening unrelated to the show. Since the last show I have relocated to the east coast, had a change with the work I am doing, and reset some of my personal priorities in an effort to get back to the things I love doing, which includes meeting and interviewing new and interesting people. This is why this episode it called, The Reboot.

Reboots are a bit of a thing as of late. Not just from the perspective of one’s work and career but in the mainstream movie industry. It seems that for a while now, we can always count on some sort of remake, reboot or continuation of a great film from the 80’s. While there are many reasons for this, I think in this episode David Valentin of Mr. Smith Studio’s hits the nail on the head when he talks about both the nostalgia and the formula necessary to make a great adventure film. Given our modern culture, the 80’s may be that last innocent time when youth were left to manage themselves in a world that was far less supervised than today.

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