Episode 19: We’re Back!

I know I know, it’s been much too long since we last got together but I am pleased to announce that The Satisfactionist Podcast is back! Back in August Satisfactionist officially became it’s own thang. That’s right, we threw off the corporate shackles and decided to go it alone with a focus on helping small and medium business succeed. As we launch into 2018 we are now going prime time offering listeners of the show much more regular content as we focus on delivering some of the best tools and insights we can to help entrepreneurs succeed. We are really looking forward to this year and are dedicated to documenting the rise of Satisfactionist sharing with you all of our struggles, headaches, challenges, and successes as we carve our own path. Thank you to everyone who has stuck it out with us as we look forward to your listenership and engagement. Please like us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Share us with someone you know could use this show as a boost for them and help us grow. Be a part of our community by becoming a Satisfactionista and help spread the word about Satisfactionism!

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