Episode 12: Thomas Webb and Inger Eberhart

This week The Satisfactionist Podcasts interviews Marine veteran and entrepreneur Thomas Webb. Thomas shares with Professor Ben why he started his business, Webb International and his experience serving overseas as a United States Marine. Thomas talks about his passion for helping to provide opportunities for those in need, and his Indigogo campaign focused on raising $30,000 to expand Webb International and further cultivate opportunities for others. 

We are also joined this week by Inger Eberhart, a communications professional with a background in corporate, non-profit and government operations and experience in public speaking, social media, video production and public relations. Inger talks about her work as a Virtual Fellow in social media outreach for the U.S. Department of State, her long-term service as a lobbyist and board of advisors for The Dustin Inman Society, her experience as Commissioner and Treasurer of Georgia Civil War Commission, her role as Executive Assistant to District 3 Commissioner of Cobb County Georgia, as well as her entrepreneurial ventures in journalism as founder of thewindup.news.



Episode 11: Sam Doshi

This week the Satisfactionist Podcast welcome Samir Doshi, one of the founders of tech startup Moxi Apps, a San Francisco Bay Area company focused on creating new and exiting social networking applications that create the opportunity for users to use social networking to re-engage with people in the real world.  Sam talks to The Satisfactionist Podcast about why he and his business partner Nick Rodriguez started Moxi Apps and how they have used the support of their friends and family to launch their company.  A true entrepreneur at heart, Sam is not new to the start up game and talks about the first company he founded, how he built it up, and how that experience eventually led to him working with Nick to create Swish and the soon to be released Relayo, the applications that have helped to launch Moxi Apps.  We hope you enjoy this episode.

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Episode 10: Buzz Session with Issa Diao

For Professor Ben and Jim, music has always been something each of us have dabbled in an enjoyed.  This week The Satisfactionist Podcast welcomes Issa Diao, retired frontman of the straight edge punk band Good Clean Fun.  Professor Ben, Jim, and Issa get together to discuss their early experiences in the music world as well as how the industry has changed from its early days for amateur musicians.  We also talk about some of our favorite music gear from back in the day as well as catch up on some modern bands we like listening to today.  We hope you enjoy this trip in musical history as you get to learn a little more about the musical side of Professor Ben and Jim.  Special thanks to Issa for helping us with this Buzz Session, we hope you enjoy.