Electoral College Reform (feat. George C. Edwards III)

While the Electoral College is a constitutionally mandated process of our political system, it is not without its critics. According to the National Archives, there have been over 700 proposals to reform or eliminate the Electoral College as we know it.
This week we will explore current thoughts on the electoral college as we welcome George C. Edwards III University Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Jordan Chair in Presidential Studies Emeritus at Texas A&M University.
Professor Edwards has also served as Professor of American Government at the University of Oxford, the John Adams Fellow at the University of London, and in senior visiting positions at Sciences Po-Paris, Peking University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He is an Associate Member of Nuffield College, Oxford, and was Founder and Director of The Center for Presidential Studies. Professor Edwards has also written or edited 26 books on American politics and policy making and is editor of Presidential Studies Quarterly.
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Big Tech Alternatives

While there have always been concerns over privacy and security when it comes to big tech  obtaining your personal information, in recent years these concerns seem to be growing. Now due to recent actions taken against some on social media this issue seems to have captured even more attention. 

While there are certainly reasons to be concerned about who has your data and what they are doing with it, equally important is to understand the pro’s and con’s of migrating away from big tech platforms as well as the conveniences one may have to exchange away for improved security and anonymity online. 

In this episode I sit down with expert panelist Issa Diao to talk about the reaches of big tech, the challenges of moving away from platforms run by Facebook, Google, Amazon, and where the market may go next as we consider our alternatives.

The Vaccine

The rapid development of the COVID 19 vaccine has both its promoters and detractors. Regardless where one might fall on this spectrum there are many who may wonder what changes were made in the pharmaceutical development process that enabled the COVID 19 vaccine to rapidly come to market. In this episode we explore the pharmaceutical development process and merits of the COVID 19 vaccine with Keith Watts DBA, Principal of pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting organization Talexto Health Care Strategies.