Solomon Belette And Benisa Berry: Social Justice, Philanthropy and the Community

Social justice. Perhaps this is something you’ve heard about, but are not entirely sure what it entails. Conversely, maybe it’s something you’ve been focusing your entire work and life around for years! This installment of John F. Kennedy University’s Thursday Soapbox will be an evening of synthesis, pertinent to anyone interested in or already involved in social justice-oriented work and ways of being. Together, we will explore how our philanthropic efforts can be geared toward more equitably distributing resources within the community. Your speakers for the evening are movers and shakers at JFK University whose work exemplifies a range of social justice-oriented programming. Diversity and Inclusion Officer Benisa Berry and Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Director Solomon Belette will demystify the concept and equip us with its basic tenets. Additionally, input from local representatives will illustrate the types of work already occurring in the community. Finally, resources available through the university for furthering and fortifying both new and existing initiatives will be highlighted. “This is an opportunity to clarify the meaning and dimensions of social justice,” says Dr. Berry. “It is also an interaction to get feedback from the community to see what their interests are and how we might get more coordinated with them.” Whether you’re in search of resources, community, or clarification, our speakers are at your service. See you there!

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