Pam Costa: Sex And Relationship Myths And Fairytales

Sex and sexuality in relationships is a topic infrequently discussed in public, and yet, ironically, it is the public, cultural sphere that informs many of our ideas around how we think we should feel and behave sexually. According to Pam Costa, sex and relationship coach, writer, speaker, and graduate from the Holistic Counseling program at John F. Kennedy University, many of these ideas are myths that all too often cause damage to longterm relationships.“We receive many negative messages about sexuality from culture, religion, family of origin, and personal experience that can result in a landmine of blame and shame around sex in our relationships,” explains Costa. The idea, for example, that we should automatically know what we want sexually and that our partners should automatically know as well, does not lead in productive or intimate directions. What would happen if, instead of unconsciously subscribing to these imagined truths, we connected to what our bodies have to say?

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