Ora Prochovnick – Gender Identity

“When we meet someone, as human beings we are trained to put them in boxes,” explains Ora Prochovnick, JD, Professor of Law at John F. Kennedy University, “but this is not necessarily healthy anymore.” Literal boxes, such as the ones we must check off when filling out personal forms and paperwork, often require a person to identify themselves with one of two traditional gender markers, male or female. Mental boxes also exist, in terms of the assumptions we make about a person upon meeting them. While one instance falls in the legal realm and the other in the social sphere, both sets of boxes affect the way people are treated and tend to have a personal impact. In this exciting edition of JFK University’s Thursday Soapbox, Prochovnick and Professor Robbin Rasbury, PsyD, will join forces to offer timely considerations of gender identity through a holistic lens. This talk will offer crucial, compassionate, and practical insight into aligning both our policies and ourselves with the reality of the gender spectrum. Whether you’re concerned or simply curious, join us for this unique, collaborative presentation and see what it’s all about!

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