Meenal Chaudhari And Saira Khan Body Wisdom Through The Chakras

We all desire a guide. We all desire an all-knowing, supremely intelligent source of ultimate wisdom that will help us move assuredly through our lives. But where is this source? Is it on top of mountain somewhere? Is it some elusive stranger we long to meet someday?According to Meenal Chaudhari, professor of body-oriented psychotherapy at John F. Kennedy University, it is deep within our bodies and available to us at all times. “Body-wisdom is the intelligence and spirit that permeates every cell and extends out of the physical body as well.” In this experiential edition of JFK University’s Thursday Soapbox, it is this intelligence that Chaudhari invites us to explore.How can we access our body’s wisdom? “The process,” Chaudhari explains, “requires getting quiet and going within, putting your attention inside into the deeper layers of yourself.” With practice, she says, it gets easier. The more we cultivate the ability to tap into our body’s deep inner wisdom, the more this resource will become readily available to us.Curious? Join us for a presentation and guided visualizations into the body’s deeper pathways, where new routes toward self growth might just be waiting.

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