Annie Mattingley: The After Death Chronicles

Annie Mattingley, author of The After Death Chronicles and an alumni of the Consciousness Studies program at JFK University, has long been fascinated by consciousness. And yet, the possibility of communicating with the dead was not an idea that was ever on her radar. It is, of course, the subject of her new book, but she didn’t choose it. The subject, Mattingley explains, chose her.It happened while she was grieving the loss of her daughter. Out of nowhere, Mattingley began entering into daily, verbal communication with the deceased member of her family. The experience was deeply healing. Then, another incredible thing happened. Mattingley began cautiously talking to her friends about her communication with the afterlife only to discover, much to her surprise, that everyone seemed to have a similar story to share, some of them people she had known for a long time. “I felt like I had come upon this huge secret…I just became fascinated that this was happening and no one’s talking about it. It became something that I wanted to illuminate for our world,” she says.Grief is one of the most difficult things any of us will ever have to deal with. What happens after death is a question that occupies everyone’s mind. But what if you could communicate with your dead and they said, “I’m okay?” How could this change everything? Join us at the Thursday Soapbox to find out!

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