Episode 0.5 Chop’s Kitchen

As The Satisfactionist Podcast gears up for launch we are testing our studio setup doing sound checks and some test interviews in preparation for our main show launch in June 2016.  This episode features Carlos from Chop’s Kitchen, a food blog where Carlos shares his love of cooking with unique, raw ingredients like homemade milled flour and duck eggs for cakes and pies.  He discusses not only why he uses these ingredients but also opens up and shares something about himself many of his readers were probably not aware of.  We hope you enjoy this test episode and pardon our sound and editing glitches as we work to make things better.  This interview was conducting over FaceTime using only an iPad so the audio can be a bit wonky at times but overall some good content.  Please share your thoughts with us as we love to hear from those who are listening.  You can also leave us a voicemail on our show homepage, which we may share on an upcoming episode.  Thanks for listening and we hope you return for more!

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